Wellness Philosophy

Embracing wellness in every way possible.

At Tessera of Westchase, our wellness philosophy is a way of life that ensures your mind and body stay healthy, engaged and active.

Wellness Video for Skilled Nursing Facility in Tampa FL

This philosophy, called Salus™ by Solvere, is powered by Masterpiece Living®, a holistic wellness platform on which all programming for the senior living community is based. Designed to enhance and customize the community-wide successful aging initiative, Masterpiece Living is based on twelve years of research and the studies outlined in the book, Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging, and Dr. Robert L. Kahn, one of the authors, is on the program’s advisory board.

Click on the videos to hear more from Dr. Roger Landry, MD, MPH, one of the authors of Live Long, Die Short and developer and president of Masterpiece Living.

SALUS (SAL-us), noun. Latin for “well-being.”

Wellness Philosophy for Skilled Nursing Facility in Tampa FL

Salus is our trademark wellness philosophy that focuses on your potential to achieve your personal goals through engagement and connection. In addition to the services and amenities of the assisted living and memory care community in the heart of Westchase in Tampa, the Salus philosophy is integrated throughout Tessera of Westchase. You’ll find no shortage of classes and events, programs and ways to connect with others to sustain or improve your health and well-being. You, your family and Tessera of Westchase staff are all encouraged to use your unique talents and professional skills through our signature Salus programs.

THE FOUR COMPONENTS OF WELLNESSWellness components for Skilled Nursing Facilities in Tampa Westchase FL

The Salus wellness philosophy centers on holistic care, maintaining and improving what is commonly referred to as the four components of wellness:

1. Physical: Engaging in self-care through both activity and proper nutrition

2. Social: Strengthening and developing existing and new relationships — both with people and pets

3. Intellectual: Performing creative, stimulating exercises to re-ignite memories and preserve cognition

4. Spiritual: Reserving time to connect with one’s personal beliefs

To age successfully requires a physically active and mentally stimulating lifestyle, strong social engagement, an environment that supports your unique goals and — perhaps most importantly — a sense of purpose and meaning. Salus, powered by Masterpiece Living, equips you with the tools you need to meet these goals.

Learn about Valeo™, our signature wellness philosophy for memory care.

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